Jeffery L. Lineberger: Forensic Structural Engineer & Expert Witness

Jeffery L. Lineberger's Bio:

Jeffery L. Lineberger has over twenty-nine years professional engineering and design experience. Mr. Lineberger is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas.  His core practice areas include forensic structural engineering, civil engineering, and structural engineering design. Mr. Lineberger testifies as an expert in federal, state, and  county court venues in the following technical areas:

  • Structural system failure;
  • Structural defects; and
  • Structural collapse of  reinforced concrete foundations.

Jeffery L. Lineberger's Experience:

  • Principal/Owner at Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc.

    Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc.: Civil Engineering. Structural Engineering. Environmental Engineering. Forensic Engineering. Structural Diagnostics & Analysis.

  • Earlier Professional Experience at Engineering & Construction Firms

    Power Generation (Enron-NEI-AGRA): Development, Engineering, Design & Construction. Urban Renewal. Commercial & Residential Construction Contractor. Natural Gas Pipeline Distribution and Liquid Storage and Transport Engineering. Civil Design & Engineering and Underground Utility Construction.

Jeffery L. Lineberger's Education:

  • The University of Texas at Austin

    Concentration: Engineering Science; Atmospheric Science

Jeffery L. Lineberger's Interests & Activities:

Structural Engineering Forensics, Testifying Expert Witness, Structural engineering, Civil Engineering.